Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Cossacks: The Legendary Fighting Force of Russia with Silly Hats

The Cossacks : The Legendary Fighting Force of Russia

Who were these guys in the silly hats? These are the Cossacks, a unique part of Russia's history. These men where around since the 15th century and the fighting force of Russia. Sure they may look silly but they would surely kill you without hesitation. It was these guys who protected the borders of Russia, found Siberia. All of the Europeans feared their skills in battle.

The Cossacks communities formed around the lower reaches of the Dnieper, Don, Terek, Volga and Ural rivers. These communities however were at constant war with the states and tribes around them, it was almost barbaric in a sense. As time went on the Cossacks had eventually fought every single one of their neighbors. The Cossacks would even charge a toll to anyone trying to trade through their routes. These men were the force to be reckoned with in Russia back in the day. They wearnt full blown Russianhowever, they were also Turkish and Caucasian influences aka. Dark-haired and dark-eyes were often traits of a Cossack warrior. 

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