Sunday, November 16, 2014

Фотограф Маша Демианова!

    There is an up and coming photographer from Moscow, Russia named Masha Demianova/Маша Демианова that I discovered over the summer when I was taking a photography class. I love her work, her portraits are very contemporary.
     A little about Маша: when she was 14 or 15 is when she bought her first Canon AE1 and has done nothing but shoot since. When asked about what she tries to achieve in terms of effect on her viewers and she answered as follows, "I guess I'm trying to give people the possibility to see more than what appears in a picture – not just a girl in a dress laying on the grass but also a feeling of inner substance within the frame. If I shoot with a particular idea the goal is to transmit it as honestly and purely as possible." Маша has a number of influences from already renowned artists, such as Vincent van de Wijngaard, Tim Barber, Ryan McGinley, Cass Bird, Lina Scheynius, and a influence of a personal mentor and some American and French film directors. Маша enjoys shooting in nature, it is her ideal place to have photo shoots with her models. She has said that loves to shoot in her grandma’s country house and around it; "cause I spent lots of summers there as a kid and I really know the area. I know where my favorite tree is and how the light works on every inch of grass in the forest."Маша believes gender matters for photographers, her reason being that men and women do everything differently and they are completely different creatures. Her last words in an interview she had with Dazed online magazine were "Keep shooting. I'm only at the beginning."
    I think that is great to hear from her, I am excited to see more of her work and see how she grows as a photographer. Attached to this entry are photographs of Маша's, and for more of her work and contact info here is her website: Enjoy!

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