Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Russia was Behind Them Times!

In the 1500’s most Roman Catholic Countries and Scotland adopted the Gregorian Calendar (a calendar designed to compensate for the errors in time that built up over the centuries) over the Julian Calendar that had been being used.  Several Protestant Countries ignored this new calendar however, for another 200 years or so.  England stuck to the Julian Calendar until 1751 before actually making the switch. Orthodox countries took the longest to switch over, one of those being Russia who did not switch to the Gregorian Calendar until after the Russian Revolution in 1917.  What did this mean for Russia Back then? Well, in 1908 there were the London Olympics right? Since Russian at that point was still using the Julian Calendar, they wound up showing up to the London Olympics 12 days late!! They missed the Olympics entirely!!! What’s the moral of the story? Keep up to date with your calendars yo! :P

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