Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Grigori Who?

Grigori Rasputin, referred to by some as a healer and by others the devil himself, was an influential figurehead to the final Russian Monarchy, the Romanovs. Rasputin devoted his life to religious fever and faith healing. He became a huge part of government and was primarily hated by both sides of the Russian ideology,but was very mush so revered by the Tsar. He is commonly blamed for the unpopularity associated with the Romanovs. His story is shadowed by mystery and forces beyond or understanding. His true legend comes from his inhumane ability to not die. Rasputin was not a liked man, and such, led to people wanting to see him dead. The first assassination plot, led by Khioniya Guseva, failed. Khioniya had jumped Rasputin in an alley and stabbed him in the gut, immediately after he supposedly had hit her in the head and ran off to be healed by a doctor 10 hours later. The second attempt was led by a number of Russian loyalists. The plan was to poison Rasputin with cyanide in his tea. Rasputin drank the tea which contained copious amounts of cyanide and did not die. The conspirators then shot Rasputin twice, once through the liver and stomach and again through the kidney, he fell but later stood up and attempted to strangle one of the conspirators, or so it is said. The conspirator then clubbed Rasputin, who preceded to crawl upstairs, where he was shot another 2 times. His body was dumped into a frozen river where it was later recovered. Many documents about Rasputin were destroyed during the Soviet control but his legend still remains. What do you think, was Rasputin some inhumane devil? Or just a man who could survive a few bullets?

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