Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Draniki-- Russian Potato Pancakes

Draniki are flat pancakes made from ground chunks of potato, served warm with sour cream, berries, or garlic sauce. They are said to have been imitated from a similar German dish, called Kartoffelpuffer,and originated in Russia at least 200 years ago. This dish is not a delicacy; on the contrary, it is associated with the poor, lower class of Russia due to the "low" nature of the potato in relationship to other upper class foods. Draniki are never made the same way from region to region, and are not always made purely from potatoes. They can include meat, onions, or even carrots. However, traditional Draniki are made following a few specific rules-- one of which being to never use flour. Most traditional Draniki are comprised of potatoes, onions, sour cream, and salt. After this mixture is combined, they are then fried in a frying pan. Draniki are simple and easy to make; not to mention delicious! Truly the poor man's food.

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