Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hospitality in Russia

It is important to learn about the Russian culture and traditions when learning the language. This will motivate you learn the language. I followed this method when I started learning English. In this post, I'll share what I have learned about the Russian hospitality.

In Russia, people value hospitality. They welcome guests into their houses. You can visit people anytime, but you need to tell them in advance. It is not odd to tell someone that you will be visiting him or her. For example, you tell some one that you be visiting tomorrow to catch up with him or her. They call it "забежать на чашечку кофе" in Russia. They love hosting guests in their houses. One thing to consider, make sure you take a gift with you. You don't want to look bad, or you will be know as "придти с пустыми руками". Get something also for the kids. 

I think this should motivate you to visit the country! Who is up for a trip to Russia?


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