Tuesday, September 15, 2015

In Search of the Soundtrack of my Life

I love to listen to music and I don’t really care if I can understand it or not. As long as it the beat and the words sounds good together, I am all for it…then later I actually listen to the lyrics and then I make a second opinion on the song…then I may or may not continue to listen to the song.

That’s my life.

So for this blog entry, I wanted to find Russian music that fits my personality and hope I can recognize some words and learn some new ones…maybe.  Also, for a disclaimer, I don’t know much Russian, therefore, I can’t be held responsible for whatever songs I find.

So my initial search, I started like any other person will, with YouTube! I turned on my Russian keyboard and typed randomly.

The first song I found was живота е един by Ice Cream. I loved the sound of the song but I had no clue, at all, what the song was about, didn’t even recognize a single word (which is fine, I don’t know enough words and I am sure the song isn’t about if she’s a student, her name, or where she is from, but I still added it to my morning playlist).

When I came to class the next day, I had to test my TA, make sure he knows what he’s talking about.  So, I played the song for him and he was going to translate it for me.  Well…that didn’t work out because 2 seconds in he said that it wasn’t Russian.  Turns out, it’s Bulgarian but to my defense it looks like Russian.  Therefore, random letters might not be the best way to search for Russian songs.

So for my real attempt number two, I found t.A.T.u. Turns out, I was listening to them back in middle school.  Meaning I was learning some Russian words before I had any clue it was Russian.  This lead me to my next discovery.  Russian music is written in plain English letters (!!!!) sometimes.  Here is the t.A.T.u. song I already knew which has Russian words as well as English –> Malchik Gay and here is another song from back when, Ya Soshia S Uma which has an English version, All The Things She Said!

Now, because I already knew these songs, I believe I need another attempt with Russian music. Now, I am googling Russian Top 10! This didn’t lead to an exciting search result since all of the Top 10 consisted of music I hear on the radio every day. With a bit more scrolling, I found a Russian song I like, with the trusted help of Shazam, and found song number 19, Имя 505 by Время И Стекло! I know what Имя mean, First Name!!! Exciting! And there’s number 22, Штрихкоды by ЭММА М, which I’m pretty sure I recognize some words.  Lastly, number 28, День И Ночь by Мот, which has also been add to my morning playlist and since I added it, I had to look up the lyrics. They are interesting, you should google translate it too!

If you are also interested in listening to the Russian Federation Top 100, you can check it out here: http://www.shazam.com/charts/top-100/russia

So this was the adventures of finding the sound track to my life!

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