Wednesday, September 16, 2015

West Siberian Laika

Not a coyoteThe West Siberian Laika is the most common of the Laikas. This popular Russian hunting dog is capable of  running game the size of squirrels and rabbits to hogs and bear. Developed in the 1920's from aboriginal dogs, these animals were prized not only for their hunting ability and strength, but their stunning looks as well. A thick double coat in shades of white and gray allowed these dogs to survive frigid temperatures while maintaining the ability of shedding quickly to adapt in warmer months. It's most common use is in woodland environments packed with valuable furs for sale or trade. Differentiating from most hounds, the West Siberian Laika does not bark as soon as a scent trail is detected, but rather after the quarry has been cornered or treed. In addition, the WSL's double layered coat does not produce any body odor as found in many breeds today. With this dog's killer instinct, unique hunting style, and dashing looks, it is easy to see why it has been one of the most popular hunting dogs in Russia since the 1960s.

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