Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sergei Rachmaninoff is known today as one of the greatest Russian composers ever to have composed classical music. Rachmaninoff is mainly renowned for his intricate, and quite technically challenging piano compositions, such as his Piano Concerto No. 2.  He certainly was a musical genius, who would write these fantastic lines of music which flowed from something deep within his soul. His emotions, his being, his essence truly speak to you through his music. When truly truly engaged, the listener is taken on this profoundly deep journey. Its destination is what makes listening so incredible; interpretation is fundamental to this phenomenon, and everyone has their own, which further spices up the full experience. Music is inherently founded on the premise of interpretation, as all art is. This is what results in the depth, influence and emotional impact it has on you. That is why Russian music is so particularity special, as is Russian culture, its customs, history and language too. Russian music in general is so well known for its beauty and unique characteristics, it creates such a distinct "Russian" sound. That is what speaks in this magnificently insightful, thought-provoking, deeply emotionally stimulating, eclectic piece. Undoubtedly this is a piece that can invoke some powerfully deep insights into Russian romanticism and culture. This is what music has the ability to do: to speak of the times of which it was written in. As it can be argued, the arts do represent the time in which it is created. Or wait? Is it not that the time represents the art?Link to the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2

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