Friday, September 14, 2007

Another note from Samantha Lange...

Hi Susan!
Thanks so much for sending that contact to us.
You were right... I am LOVING Moscow! I miss you and the Stetson Russian Club gang, of course, but am looking forward to getting to the point when I will actually be able to carry on a conversation in Russian with you when I get back =) Today was actually the first meeting of a Russian/English speaking club for students. A pretty nice sized group of us spent half an hour speaking only Russian and the other half speaking English... it was a lot of fun and we will be meeting frequently. It was nice to finally meet some Russian students as we Americans are kind of isolated in the GRINT building.
Sorry I took so long to write.
I am staying with a nice older woman in новогереево and have a very nice professor.
We have an excursion to a museum and a honey fair tomorrow and last night we saw a military band concert at the Red Square. Everything is just so exciting!
I will certainly keep in touch throughout the semester.
I hope all is well!

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