Monday, September 10, 2007

Все счастливы

I think Jason Rickner from Second-Year Russian is going to post on this article from today's New York Times about the Russian version of Married... with Children. It's currently the most popular show in Russia with the "money demographic." Like its American progenitor, Счастливы вместе (Happy Together) is pretty obnoxious and stupid. But I thought that particularly the first-year students would find funny this following scene. Sveta, the leggy blond, is Russia's Kelly Bundy. (She is not NEARLY as attractive as the 'real' Kelly Bundy!) The clip starts off with Sveta trying to spell the word мяч (ball). Сема (the little kid) has to help her figure out the final letter (ч), and finally has to do it himself. (Part of the humor here is the way she says the letters -- "миэ" instead of "эм"...) She responds something like "why didn't you say it was the upside-down chair! (перевернутый стулчик)." Her accent is really think -- sort of uneducated Valley girl.

It's really not that funny, no matter what the laugh track tells us...

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