Thursday, September 6, 2007

Russian Meal

Hello All!

Last weekend, I made my first attempt at a Russian meal and decided to post some pictures. I started out with a салат (salad) made with potatoes, beets, saurkraut, apples, and oil. The beets scared me at first, but it actually was quite good. Next came борщ (borscht) which was awesome! However, it seemed to has syphoned out all of my minimal cooking skills because my homemade пирожки (meat pies) were bland, despite the two hours it took for me to make the dough. You win some, you loose some I guess. Thus, with the score 2-1, I needed one more spectacular failure to even out the odds. Fortunately, the блины (bliny) were obliging and still remain sitting untouched on my table. It scares me (what's left of it anways, most went up in flames on my gas stove). However, I hear that Dr. Denner's is very good, so I'll reserve judgement until I taste some of his. All in all, it was great fun, even if I did have to order pizza. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!


Dr. Michael A. Denner said...

Great pics, Hannah! You should tell the full story about why the bliny haven't been touched.

Your borshch looks like THE REAL THING, down to the obligatory lump of sour cream (сметана) in the middle... Mmmmmm. Beets and sour cream. (Little children all over America are screaming in horror!)

Bimini said...

The bliny looks delicious, what's wrong with it?

hchapman said...

The bliny looks delicious, but tastes like paste. Probably due to my attempts to convert from metric weight to english measurements when I first woke up and tried to guess how much flour weighed. 200 grams = 1 1/2 cups? Why yes, yes it does...or not. :)