Friday, September 7, 2007

A quick note from Samantha Lange...

I don't think Samantha will mind my sharing this quick note I got from her. She's on a semester-long study program through Stetson at Московский гуманитарный университет (МосГу), the Moscow University of the Humanities. Samantha is in Moscow after just a year of Russian language.
Hello Dr. Denner,
I only have a minute, but I have been meaning to email you all week... Thank you sooo much for helping me take advantage of this amazing opportunity. As you know, leading up to this semester I was nervous, apprehensive, etc... but from the very first class, I realized how AWESOME it is that I am actually here, living and learning in this foreign environment. My host mom is very nice. She does not speak a word of English, so communicating is interesting to say the least. I am still in awe of everything and wonder how long that will last. I just wanted to thank you for how well you prepared me for this experience. All the little stories and antecdotes you shared with us about Russia and the Russian people have helped me these past few days in trying to understand the transportation system, dress, food, and everyday life... oh my time is up... bye for now!

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