Thursday, September 13, 2007

Make a Baby, Win a Car

My roommate just showed this to me. I was planning on putting my real post up, which I will this weekend, but this is too crazy NOT to post!

Much better than getting pins for good work, eh?


Dr. Michael A. Denner said...

And much more pleasant work than Russian grammar, no?

Russia has a SERIOUS depopulation problem. Projections are as dire as the warning that the Russian population could drop by 2050 to the same level as in 1917. This might not sound like such a bad thing, but modern economies and societies are predicated on the assumption that there will be MORE young people than old people. It's how societies, for instance, take care of the older generation (Social Security, for instance). It also has dire consequences for economic innovation.

So, really, Russia faces a dire situation & needs to do everything it can to replace its population... Thus the campaign -- have unprotected sex & we'll give you a refrigerator!

Bimini said...

Crazy crazy crazy. Hilarious and crazy.