Thursday, September 9, 2010

for Rachel and her Putin obsession

I want one like Putin, full of strength...

Такого, как Путин, полного сил,
Такого, как Путин, чтобы не пил.
Такого, как Путин чтоб не обижал,
Такого, как Путин, чтоб не убежал.

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RachelOrr189 said...

A. This would have MADE my morning, if not for the fact that it reminds me how very much competition I have for his attention. B. Courtney is also obsessed with Putin. C. I was only mildly in love until Mariash assured me that, as his wife or mistresse en titre, in the event of nuclear war I could be the one pressing the Big Red Button. That's just too much power to turn down.