Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unit 1

I thought that everyone would enjoy listening to the different kinds of modern Russian music. The bands and songs are from a website that describes each band listing and says a little bit about each. I included just a few from different genres, most of them are said to be the most popular in their genre. The one I thought was the most interesting was the Rap/Hip-hop. Many of the punk bands, like the one I have shown, have songs with lyrics that have to do with politics as well as other controversial issues. I thought the dance/techno video was hilarious. I could not imagine this band being popular, but I guess it is. I found it amazing how different music made by Americans vs. music made by Russians was. Hope y'all enjoy! :)


Ruki Vverkh--Their name "Ruki Vverkh" is the common-place call of DJs for dancers to "get their hands in the air." Their music is so well known for its energy that the sportswear company Adidas once employed them as official spokesmen. Known for love songs, they often blur the line between boy band and techno.

Contemporary Pop

Gradusy--Their first hit "Rezhisyor" ("Director") began getting heavy rotation on popular Russian radio stations in fall 2009 and they shot their first music video for the same song in November 2009.


Tarakani--They are known for socially conscious lyrics, which attempt to tackle some of Russia's biggest problems: alcoholism, drug abuse, extremism, and racism.


Bad Balance--This is the Run DMC of Russia – they pioneered hip-hop and rap in the Soviet music scene in the 80s and 90s. Their music was considered politically subversive and they did not produce a record until the early 1990s.


Dialogue p.23 #4

Dialogue/Composition Piece p.26 #3

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