Monday, September 13, 2010

The Great Buckwheat Shortage of 2010

In Russia, a Shortage Triggers Soviet Habits

An illuminating article today in the Times on the shortage of buckwheat groats and flour. Buckwheat, a grayish and pungent flour. We don't eat it in the USA much, but it's an integral part of much of Central European cuisine. In Russian: гречи́ха обыкнове́нная, гре́ча, гре́чка, гречуха... all of them mean buckwheat... the more a culture loves something, the more names it has for that thing... It holds a special place in Russian hearts largely, I think, l because it's the only grain that produces consistently in far northern climes. I like the discussion of "Soviet mentality" that persists today. Plus, I love гречка, buckwheat groats... cold. Next to a leftover fried cutlet, with a cup of tea. For breakfast. Mmmm.

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