Friday, September 3, 2010

posting your recordings to the blog

I'd like you to begin posting the recordings for your portfolio directly to the blog. It's easy for you to post, and easy for me to check. It also teaches you a bit of computer savvy... 

To post your recording to the blog, you'll need to make the recording using Audacity, an excellent piece of freeware. It installs in seconds and is very intuitive. I'll demonstrate it in class for the first-years next week. Once you've made the recording and saved it to your drive, you'll upload it to Box, a site that provides free storage and easily integrates with Blogger. (There are other sites you can use, like SkyDrive.) You'll need to sign up for a free account--it takes seconds. Upload the file to Box and copy the link to the recording. Go to Blogger, sign into your account, and create a new post in the Bear in a Hat blog. You have a choice here--you can either paste the link right below the Title box, or you can create a title and paste the link into the body of the entry. Either works for me. 

These seems harder than it really is... If you can post a picture on Facebook, you can do this!

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