Monday, September 13, 2010

Unit 1 blog post, also dialogues.

Killing two birds with one stone here, and offering up an alternative for uploading dialogues in case Rachel breaks the internet again. Badongo is a free site where you can upload files to be shared with the world. So, my and Катя's dialog is here: Clicky

So, back in May, apparently there was a zombie flashmob in Moscow. This is awesome and I firmly believe that it needs to happen more often in more places. EnglishRussia has a sizable collection of pictures from the day, including several shots of people getting into costume. The guy who painted himself blue really shows dedication to the craft. I chose a few of my favorite images to share on the blog; link to the rest of the pictures will be at the end. Warning: lots of fake blood and occasional slight nudity (but I didn't pick any of those pictures for here).

Here's one of my favorite shots of a cop apparently surveying the crowd; I really want to believe he is extremely confused by the sight of a couple hundred citizens decked out in ripped clothes and about a swimming pool's worth of fake blood.

Что это? Зомби!!

Even somebody's бабушка shows up to watch, although it would've been even better if they'd gotten her in makeup too:

Finally, this is another favorite shot of mine because it looks like a screenshot from Dead Rising or a similar video game where the object is to kill as many zombies as possible by any means necessary. I dunno, maybe it's the lighting or something:

Source: Here (again, warning, blood and nudity)

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