Sunday, September 5, 2010

Putin: A study of Pure Awesomeness

Well, Mr. Vladimir Putin has done it again. When this humble Prime Minister of Russia isn't bust ruling the country, or his puppet President Medvedev, he spends his time showing the rest of us mere mortals how very insignificant we are in comparison. From snatching whales with harpoon guns, to fighting fires, Putin seems to be the living embodiment of manliness. In his most recent stunt, he once again proves his dominance over every living creature by driving 1,300 miles across the Russia on the country's first road to span from the West to the East. As a publicity move, he will be driving a Lada, a Russian car made by the struggling company Avtovaz. But, in a momentary lapse of epicness, he did admit that he will not be driving the entire way himself, and will be resting in a convoy of Jeeps that are to accompany him on his journey to Siberia.

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