Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Elementary Russian: Сегодня на уроке... в лингафонном кабинете! 11/XI/2015 Unit 4 Week 3

Не волнуйтесь! Don't worry, be happy!

Во-первых! Take your quiz. Напишите контрольную! (If you're in Dr. Denner's class.)

Потом... Listen to the recorded letter and answer the following questions on the back of your quiz (or on a spare sheet of paper, листок бумаги.)

Sasha's family lives in a city named Иркутск, located on Lake Baikal in Siberia. Read a little about the city here before you begin.
  1. What does Sasha's mother teach? 
  2. What does the father do? 
  3. What класс (grade) is the sister in? What grade is the brother in? Are they good students? 
  4. What's the speaker's major? What year is he in? Does he like his major? 
  5. Where does he live? Is he happy there? 
  6. Does Sasha know English? 
  7. List 4 questions he asks at the end of the letter. 
Now, listen to the числительные (numerals) from 100 to 1000. You should listen to them three times. It only takes a second! 

Now, on the back of your контрольная, write down the telephone numbers you hear in this exercise. (Just do the first eight, through Боря.) Listen to the recording 3 times, no more! 

We have a little work at the tables, too. Присоединитесь к нам! Join us!

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