Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Russia hits 206 ISIS targets in Syria after confirming bomb downed passenger plane over Sinai

Russia has recently increased the number of sorties flown in Syria by the RuAF. After the confirmation that last months downing of a commercial jet was indeed caused by a bomb, Russia has escalated its intervention in Syria Bringing in Strategic bombers such as Tu-22m3s, Tu-95MCs, and TU-160s. It was also the first time Russia used in combat a new air-to-surface missile, KR Kh 101/102, which has been in service since 2012 but was not shown in public before. Many of these bombers being used were made in the early 80s and before. 

A Russian Tupolev 95 long-range bomber launches a massive air strike on the Islamic State infrastructure in Syria. © Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

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