Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Come and See

Come and See is a soviet anti-war film from 1985. It takes place in 1943 Belarus and follows a young boy trying to survive as part of a group of Belarusian partisans fighting the German occupation. At first the young boy is excited about joining the cause against the nazis, but he soon finds out about the harsh realities of war, and especially the atrocities done by the Nazis. Many of the scenes of this movie, although accurate, are truly vile and will put you in a state of shock. The director was truly trying to portray the evil deeds done by the Nazis in the war against the Eastern European countries. Although hard to watch, this remains one of my all time favorite movies. The title refers to the beginning of several sentences in the Book of Revelations, which tell you to look upon the destruction brought upon by the four horsemen of the aocolypse.

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