Tuesday, November 17, 2015

          This popular Russian board game is easy to master and can be played with two to four players. There are nine levels of the playing field, and the first player to cross the finish line wins!!! This is accomplished by each player's "bug's" legs being moved toward victory.

           Each bug runs its own track, which is divided into sections, and each bug will have a "body" and six legs. Each side of the track has spaces for the bug's legs. Players are not allowed to lose legs, meaning that the legs must be connected at least diagonally at all times.

           The game begins with the bugs being placed at their start positions, which would be the first three sections of the track.

            Players move their bugs by using special cards. Each special card allows the player to move two or three of its bug's legs. At the beginning of each round players draw two cards from the card stack. If it's permitted, players will move the legs specified by the cards forward. The bug's body can be moved forward at any time during the turn, so long as it doesn't cause the bug to lose a leg.

            A round is completed when all of the players have played their current cards. After a round finishes, players draw a new set of cards and continue playing. The game is over when one bug's body has completely passed the finish line, which is located at the last three track sections.

This post is for Elementary Russian I: Unit 4

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