Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Russian Flag

This flag is the official flag of Russia since 1993. It is not completely sure where it comes from and what the colors exactly mean. It has also been the Russian flag from 1699-1858, 1883-1914 and from 1917-1918. The tricolor flag got probably invented by Tsar Peter the Great. He used the Dutch flag as an example and changed the order of the colors. These colors (red, blue, white) are now the colors of the Pan-Slavism and also seen in the Slovakian and Slovenian flag.

Original meaning of the colors:
            White -> freedom
            Blue -> Mary (mother of Jesus)
            Red -> power of the Tsar

Actual meaning of the colors:
            White -> belief and generosity
            Blue -> hope and honesty
            Red -> love, courage and bravery


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