Thursday, November 19, 2015


From Russia With -Or Without- Love

Since it is clearly the Winter Season here in Florida (it is officially sub-80; break out the Uggs!), there’s nothing people want to do more than plop down in front of a blazing fireplace and bundle themselves up in a thick bear-fur coat in preparation of the blizzards that are sure to come. Now, while Russian winters are clearly milder than those of the frigid Southern US, the thin-blooded people still use it as an excuse to cuddle. Which brings us to love…

Love is an interesting thing, in Russia. I could write an entire dissertation on Putin and gay rights, but that is another paper for another day.

Just as exciting is the idea that it is considered a bad thing, when attempting to woo a potential date, to give him/her an even number of flowers. This is because large bouquets like this are typically associated with funerals, and are considered bad luck when bestowed upon the living. So, buying a dozen roses is a big no-no.

That said, if your woman turns you down because you didn’t bring flowers, you’re chances are still pretty decent! There are substantially more women in Russia than men, almost 10,000,000. People initially believed it was due to the number of men who died during World War II. Romantic, indeed.
And on the off-chance one of the many women in said country does decide to partake in the classic American chivalry, you may find yourself wearing your wedding rings on your right hand rather than your left. In many Eastern countries, this is considered the tradition.

Something you might want to consider, since Moscow is home to more billionaires than any other city in the world.

Winter is coming. May mittens and hot chocolate bring warm fuzzies to your heart.

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