Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another Soviet Union?

Its hard to read Vladimir Putin's intentions, but many do not believe he will stop what he started in Ukraine. Just several months ago, Putin and Russia took back Crimea after decades of separation due to the split of the Soviet Union. Putin, however brusque Americans and westerners believe he may be, is more intelligent in the affairs in which he concerns himself than people give him credit for. An invasion of Russia's neighboring country Estonia, while perhaps profitable for Russia because of its conquest of yet another country lost during the split of the Soviet Union, is not in Putin's best interests. While Russia's military force certainly remains strong, it is incomparable when placed against NATO and the treaties set in place to protect countries around the globe from being invaded. Therefore, Putin may tread a different path regarding possible Russian military movement into Estonia. In Crimea, Russian military entered and remained with no indicative pieces of evidence (no license plates, no logos, nothing). NATO and countries affected by the numerous treaties strewn throughout the globe (like the US) cannot act against or protect a country that they have an agreement with if the forces that invade their country are not marked. Russian's unmarked troops and vehicles ensure that NATO cannot act accordingly to their treaties with former soviet countries like Estonia and those surrounding it, should Russia indeed elect to invade more than one more of them. What I find most interesting about doing a blog post like this is that all of these facts, all of these statements about countries actually invading other countries, are relevant right now.

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