Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Olympics

Sochi is a city in the southwestern part of Russia. It has around 350,000 inhabitants, and was the location of the 2014 Winter Olympics.This includes many sports like snowboarding, skiing, and bobsledding. This attracted much publicity to this relatively low-key city. But, during the opening ceremony when they lite the five rings, the fifth one went out. More problems with these Olympics had to do with the fact that when the athletes arrived, some of the hotels were still under construction. It is not hard to see why this would be an issue. And to make things worse, when the hotels were "ready" there was sometimes unsafe drinking water. There was also a shortage in pillows, as well as electrical panels in showers, upside-down toilet lids, and elevator shafts that did not contain any elevators. However, this was not the first time Russia had hosted the Olympics. In fact, Moscow held the 1980 Olympics, and they were not nearly as bad as the Sochi experience.

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