Monday, October 6, 2014

The Good and the Bad!

The Soviet Union seems like a beast from the perspective of the Western world and many people had a sigh of relief when it collapsed. But how was life in Soviet Union? Very-very few foreigners know the truth about it actually. And even those who had the chance to visit the USSR, did not see the full picture. The real truth is known only by those who actually lived in the country. And yes, in most of the cases the life in Soviet Union was pretty miserable - totalitarian regime, mandatory enrollment in the Communist party, deficiency of many products, "iron curtain" (which meant the ban on traveling abroad), and many people killed and repressed. There are many bad things about then Soviet Union, and yes, it's great that former Soviet Union countries are now living in a democracy, but in this article, I'd like to list you a few good things that occurred in the Soviet Union, because I'm sure, many people don't even suspect that these things existed.

The Soviet Union was Good because:

A Grand Display of Culture
Their military, needless to say, was extremely advanced
Soviet Union had a far more efficient steel industry
Triumphant space program
Relative equality of wages

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