Tuesday, October 7, 2014

            So we’ve all tasted (or for the less bold, heard of) the tea in our lovely SPREES department, yes? Being a bit of a tea person myself, I found their style of drought to be quite interesting. It obviously has a stronger taste, but is highly aromatic and digestible. It also carries with it a charming shade of amber. This knowledge in mind, I set out to learn more about Russia’s tea culture.
            I came across a website called www.russianlife.com, where I found an article entitled “Tea Time in Russia”. It is from this that I derive much of my information here.
            Tea was brought to Russia in the mid-1600s by a Chinese ambassador. From there it became a hot commodity and import. However, due to long and hazardous trade routes, tea was quite expensive, and was therefore a luxury. But with the introduction of a continental railroad, Russia’s tea was made more available.
            It is interesting to note that in traditional Russian tea, three flavors are brewed strongly but separately. They are then joined with hot water added to help thin out the mixture. They would literally stack all the different pots atop each other! Don’t knock THAT over kids…
            Tea in Russia is very popular. It is offered with every meal thanks to its warm and soothing qualities (think cold beyond belief, oh ye Floridians) and is even a popular dessert. In this fashion, it is served with jam or chocolates to be enjoyed as accompaniment. “To this day, tea and vodka are the two primary beverages in Russian society.” (http://www.russianlife.com/blog/tea-time-in-russia/) The only question left is, when do we start serving Vodka at the SPREES center?

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