Sunday, October 26, 2014

Moscow Water Dog

The Moscow Water Dog, or the Moskovsky Vodolaz, was a breed developed from a combination of the Newfoundland, Caucasian Shepherd, and East European Shepherd. The Moscow Water Dog was first developed by the state operated kennels, Red Star Kennels, in order to provide working dogs for the Russian armed services. This breed of dog was one of many created because of a need for more working dogs, as many had been killed during World War II. Because of this lack of dogs, those populations that were still alive were crossed to create many other new breeds. Other breeds produced during this era were:

Moscow Newfoundland
Brudasty hound
Russian Black Terrier
Moscow Watchdog

And there are many, many more! Unfortunately, this breed is now extinct...It seems that the Moscow Water Dog, originally developed with the intention of saving drowning people, was more likely to bite a person than save them. As a result, the breed was never developed, and there are none currently in existence today.

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