Sunday, October 5, 2014

Русский Хэллоуин

It’s almost that special day of the year when all of the пебёнок run from door to door, dressed as призраки, упыри, и гоблины. Yes, I’m talking about Halloween; a beloved American holiday, marked by many traditions and the commercialization of death, which is celebrated each year on October 31.  Unfortunately, Russians do not share American’s adoration of this very westernized holiday. In fact, many areas have banned its celebration in schools and are encouraging youths not to participate in any activities at all. The components considered to be harmless fun by Americans are said to be satanic and harmful to children by Russian religious groups.

The rejection of Halloween has more of a purpose than to reject supposedly satanic principles, though. Many Russians believe that, by eliminating holidays such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day, Russia can revive some of its own traditions. Put simply, Halloween is synonymous with the westernization of Russia in the minds of many. After the Soviet Union fell, Halloween became very popular. 

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