Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dash Cams

Dash cams are an interesting phenomenon which is growing in popularity every day. However, in Russia, they are exceptionally more common than they are practically everywhere else - including America. There are tons of videos circulating around the internet from Russian dash cams.

These videos show a wide variety of hilarious things - making us exclaim "only in Russia," or something of the sort. Videos of cranes falling, the strangest accounts of road rage I've ever seen - in addition, apparently there is another one of a meteorite falling as well. All captured via the dash cam. The real question, however, is why do Russian's as a whole seem to have an exuberantly large number of dash cams? The answer, as some of the clips from the above link show you, is to protect themselves from scams and other types of auto-fraud. Common ones, funny enough, involve pedestrians jump into oncoming cars. Only in Russia, right? Apparently there is actually a developed "industry" in Russia where people purposefully get in accidents in order to get money from insurance companies.

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