Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Momentous Meetings

This historic occasion was first brought to my attention by our good friend Rebecca Shaffer! So this is the gist. For the first time since the schism of 1050 AD, the pope, leader of “western Christianity’s” Catholicism, and the patriarch of the “eastern Christianity’s” Russian Orthodoxy, have met. It’s pretty huge.
Reports say that the two leaders met in an airport in a private room with interpreters. The full extent of what was discussed is not known, but the leaders emerged with admonishments for peace in the Middle East and a call for an end to the persecution of Christians there.
While the moment has become highly politicized, with several different theories as to the extent of maneuvering going on here, it is easy to miss the gravity of this move. If nothing else, it is a move away from violence and towards unity, and that is something that everyone can respect. Check the article for more info!

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