Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mishka Kosolapiy

These Russian candies, translated as "The Clumsy Bear," were chocolate candies produced and made popular during the Russian Soviet Era. They were highly coveted, but during this epoch, not many people in the Soviet Union were able to get ahold of the candies due to supply shortages. The Clumsy Bear sweets were often tucked away and saved for special occasions because of the difficulty associated with acquiring them. The wrappers of these candies depict four bears playing on a tree in a forest, and some of the oldest of these well-known wrappers are now considered to be collectibles. The candies are comprised of two small waifers covered in milk chocolate, with almond filling in-between them. The Clumsy Bear candies are still considered some of the best Russian candies around. I've had some of them myself-- they're different, but actually pretty good!

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