Thursday, February 25, 2016

St. Valentine's Day

St. Valentine's Day came to Russia in early 1990's and it's a relatively new holiday. Although it is not observed as a public holiday it is widely celebrated and remains one of the most popular romantic holidays in Russia. Valentine's Day in Russia is a wonderful opportunity to share your true feelings with the loved ones. Any gift that expresses your любо́вь (love) and внима́ние (care) for your sweetheart will be very well received. Flower giving is a common practice in Russia. Giving flowers to acknowledge special occasions and holidays is considered one of the most romantic gestures in Russian culture. Red roses are a symbol of passionate love and romance – they are the most popular flowers on St. Valentine's Day.
Usually a woman would receive цветы́ (flowers) and a box of her favorite chocolates or candy from her boyfriend or husband, and maybe a small romantic gift on Valentine's Day. Романти́ческий у́жин (romantic dinner) is also very popular in Russia on Valentine's Day, whether it's a homemade candlelit dinner or a dinner at a fancy restaurant.
Another popular пода́рок (gift) is a Valentine's Day card with a romantic message inside.

This is how to wish Happy Valentine's Day in Russian:
С Днём Свято́го Валенти́на!

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