Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Второй год. Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете... Unit 8 Week 1.

Линк на сегодняшний урок. Давайте послушаем!

At the tables, we're going to work on the Eternal Russian Question... No no, not life and death or marinated herring... Какой предлог, какой падеж? What preposition, what case?


For Where? utterances, we use в (+ prepositional case; enclosed spaces mostly, в Москве) на (+ prepositional case; can you do it in the bathroom? and literally "on", на уроке) или у (genitive case, only people; у Ивана means "at Ivans").

For Whither? utterances, we use в (+ accusative; same set of enclosed places, в Москву) на (+ accusative; same set of events, open spaces, "on", Мы идем на урок) and к (+ dative; going to someone's house, к Ивану).

Today, we learn how to indicate motion away, Whence? utterances.  

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