Monday, February 22, 2016


As a huge dog fan I decided to write this unit's post on dogs from Russia.

The Black Russian Terrier, until 1957 this breed was only able to be gotten in Moscow's Red Star Kennel.  shutterstock_192546512

Bolonka, these dogs were breed in the 18th and 19th century as companions for wealthy women. shutterstock_64477294

Borzoi is also know as the Russian Wolfhound


Caucasian Shepherd Dog originated in the Caucasus Mountains

shutterstock_140443222Central Asian Shepherd Dog was used in traditional dog fighting.


Laika, was a hunting dog famous for its bark pointing method.

 The Russian Spaniel became an official breed in 1951.


The Russian Toy, was known only in the Russian area until the 1990s

Samoyed, was originally used as a reindeer herder and carting dog.

shutterstock_241388311Siberian Husky, became a very well known after the diphtheria outbreak in Alaska where Balto and many other sled dogs became celebrities.

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