Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Aloysha the Pot

Aloysha the Pot is one of Tolstoy's most praised short stories, and maybe the most heart breaking. This story is a great example of Tolstoyian Principles. You can see them in Aloysha's meek, non-offensive, loving, and obedient lifestyle.  Thus representing, in Tolstoy's mind, the perfect Christian.

Summary:  Aloysha is sent to a merchants house by his father in order to be a servant. He did have time to learn to read, write, or even pray correctly.   Aloysha did everything that is required of him with no complaint, and got little gratitude for it. However, he met a cook named Ustinja, who helped him sometimes and he helped her. He soon asked her to marry him and she agreed, but the merchant did not want this and told Aloysha's father. His father than scolded him saying "I will marry you when the time comes.... so you should forget it" and Aloysha did as he was told. One day Aloysha was clearing snow of the merchants roof when he slipped and fell head first , Ustinja was the first to ask if he was fine, he replied that he was but had to get back to work. It was no use, his injuries were too severe and would kill him. Right before his death he told Ustinja "it's better they didn't let us marry, nothing would have come of it". In his heart that if he was good here, obeyed orders with no offense, that it would be good after death as well. With that final thought and a prayer, he stretched as if surprised and died.

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