Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vladimir's Fabulous Finds!

Disclaimer: This article is not about Putin :) 

INSTEAD, I bring you a different Vladimir and his shop of trinkets and other Russian-y baubles.

Dr. Denner, this google maps screen grab is for you.

I visited here during a trip to St. Petersburg, Florida (heh). It was packed, wall-to-wall with all kinds of Russian, Eastern European, and Asian figurines, flags, posters and swords. On the wall behind Vlad, he proudly displays AUTHENTIC (or at least that's what he claims) war paraphernalia from Russia dating back to the 1700s. Most of the other knickknacks, such as the nesting dolls, were made in China. A huge collection of magnet with Soviet slogans on them and flasks with the Russian coat of arms painted on caught the attention of most of the customers. I ended up buying a poster of a two women in a Russian perfume shop definitely drawn Pre-Soviet era. They wear French style frocks and are definitely of the noble class.

If you're in St. Pete and you need some Russian in your life, go stop by Vlad's. He and his wife are really sweet people and the store itself is awesome.

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