Sunday, October 25, 2015

Russian Idioms

Ever wondered about phrases and idioms in another language? Here are some in Russian. 

Бе́лая воронa: literally means white crow in Russian. In english it would be equivalent to the odd one out. 

Знать как свои́ пятьпа́льцев: in Russian means to know something as well as one's own fingers. In English it would be equivalent to knowing something like the back of your hand. 
Набра́ть в рот воды: in Russian means to fill one's mouth with water. In English it could be compared to keeping quiet or mum's the word. 
Мир те́сен: in Russian means the world is cramped. In English we would say it's a small world (after all). 
 Как об сте́нку горо́x: in Russian is "like throwing peas against the wall" and in English is comparable to talking to a brick wall. 
Лить как из ведра: in Russian means pouring as if from a pail. It has the same meaning as the English idiom its raining cats and dogs. 

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