Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Russian Traditional Dances

One thing that made me interested in learning Russian is their traditional dance. Couple years ago, I found a video on YouTube. I liked the music and the dance moves in the video.

I wanted to learn more about the dance. What amazed me is that what I saw was only one kind of dance. In Russia, there are many traditional dances. Each ethnicity in Russian  has its own traditional dance such as Turkic, Uralic, Mongolic and Caucasian.

These are some of the different types of the traditional dances:

  • Khorovod (Хоровод)
  • Barynya (Барыня)
  • Kamarinskaya (Камаринская)
  • Chechotka (Чечётка)
  • Karelian Dance
  • Ingush Dance
  • Chechen Dance

The Chechen dance is probably my favorite because of the music and the amazing moves they have.

Here is a video of  very talented young people who preformed at Poland Got Talent:

To learn more about the other amazing dances go to this link:

Information for this post was obtained form the same website

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