Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Russia's Strange Obsession

When people think of Russia, their minds fill with the thoughts of cold climates, acres upon acres of desolate landscape, and a surprisingly thriving culture. Alas, what they think not of is but a small fern, to some, even, a weed, that has managed to find its way into nearly every meal served in Russia. Perhaps a light bulb now goes off in your head, or even better yet, you know not of that which I now speak of - dill. Yes, this measly, seemingly insignificant addition to our already overly copious selection of green foods is, in fact, not insignificant at all. Dill has aggressively inserted itself into the Russian diet, and recent trends show no sign of change as this disgusting food manages to gain popularity despite its lack of a resemblance to anything close to a stimulating or satisfying taste. When something can be compared to the invasion of cane toads in Australia, perhaps it should not be so widely celebrated. Dill has gotten further into Russia than the Germans ever did, and were our reality to be some classic alien invasion movie that began with the poisoning of our ferns, Russia and her people would be dead within minutes. Alas, in movies these days, Russians always appear to be the bad guys, so perhaps this would not be such a horrible thing.

You know its bad when you have potato/dill flavored potato chips. Come on!

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