Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dr. Amar's talks

I went to both of Dr. Tarik Amar’s talks but particularly enjoyed the one about spy culture resulting from the Cold War, since I’m a big fan of spy movies. It was cool to see how different countries had their own take on the spy genre. For example, Russia’s Seventeen Moments of Spring didn’t have much fighting or physical conflict, instead showing the spy secretly outsmart the enemy in clever ways. It starred an undercover agent in Nazi Germany who’s trying to avoid being discovered. The show was very slow-paced and dramatic. The spy shows in Poland however were more similar to those popular in America. For example the Polish show More Than Life at Stake showed more secret missions with fighting and showed Polish victories. It starred a Soviet secret agent acting as a double agent in occupied Poland. It was very fast-paced and light-hearted with frequent joking.



     Seventeen Moments of Spring                                                                                                           More Than Life at Stake

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