Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Moscow Metro

The construction of the Moscow Metro was started in 1935 during the reign of the Soviet Union. It was the brain child of Joseph Stalin, who wanted to make a kind of “palace for the people” in a sense. It was constructed like an imperial style palace with various statues, mosaics, and large glass chandeliers. Unfortunately, the people didn’t treat it like a palace, as parts of the metro, like the floors, had to be replaced within a couple months of opening. During World War 2 construction was interrupted, and the deeper parts of the metro were used as a bomb shelter during bombings by the Nazis. After the war the state made an effort to finish the metro and make it even more spectacular to be a symbol of the Soviet Union’s strength during the war and post war peace. Now it is an important cultural site for those who live in Moscow.

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