Wednesday, October 7, 2015


      Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, one of Russia's most renowned and prolific composers, is a name worth remembering. Does the Nutcracker ring a bell? Perhaps Swan Lake brings to mind Tchaikovsky's music and influence? Tchaikovsky's compositions are played around the world to this day, and he remains a favorite among listeners and performers. Let's hear some more information on his background. Tchaikovsky was born in Votinsk in the former Russian Empire in 1840. He was born into a family with a long military background and had six siblings. He and his siblings were all trained in the arts from an early age. He personally began piano lessons at the young age of five. This comes as no surprise because of his incredible legacy he left behind in classical music.
    Most importantly is the music. Tchaikovsky composed in the late romantic era. His music was founded upon rich melodic lines, complex rhythms that included changes in rhythm and meter, as well as playing with harmonics in terms of ,modulation. Tchaikovsky, alike to other Russian greats, has this unique style about him. It first and foremost is Tchaikovsky; a category of his own. But also importantly, his music speaks Russian. It speak of Russian romanticism. It speaks highly of the emotions. This is really what makes Tchaikovsky's music so great; the emotional aspect. Listening to it induces deep yearning within you. It is highly reflective and is an emotional journey. It is so rich in hue, the imagery is vivid. This is certainly what you get when you listen to Romance in F minor. This is a beautiful representation of Tchaikovsky at his best. This piano piece is comprised of two varying sections. Interestingly enough you will hear a familiar section: the A section. This section then goes into a quicker more lively, energetic, passionate B section, only to return to a section like A. But here is the beauty, the return to the A section isn't quite a full return as Tchaikovsky writes this beautiful interplay and works off slight changes in the harmonic and rhythmic structure. It is a fascinating song that ends by another B section, what offers a breath of fresh air, almost a distraction only to be brought back to the same introspective, profoundly deep and immense inward looking passion-inducing Romance in F Minor. May you find solace and comfort while you listen to this beautiful piece. Enjoy.

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