Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Russia's Military Industrial Complex Themepark

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In June of 2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin opened up Patriot Park, a theme park described by critics as "Russia's Disneyland" focusing on praising the Russian military and the might/glory of Russia. Within this theme park there is a building literally called the "Military Industrial Complex" and this entire theme park attendees can climb on top of Russian tanks, go through submarines, play with .50 caliber mounted heavy weapons, and even Russian tanks! All of this theme park is military themed and aimed towards improving patriotism and pride within Russia, and this may be seen as a response to criticism from the US in terms of Russia's expansion/operations within the Ukraine and the US's own militaristic patriotism. No matter what, this park doesn't have to worry about being broken into, they are well prepared for thieves, and this park really is fun for the whole family!

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